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Good Girl Soy Candle

Good Girl Soy Candle

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Soy Wax Candle, Natural Wax Candle, Organic Candles, Green Life
Handmade natural candle, seasoned with designer fragrance Good Girl.An Amazing smell scent for your home.Ecofriendly, natural gift, which grabs the sense of smell.Can be used for Personalized gifts, Gifts for mom, gifts for daughter, birthday, graduation.

Burning time 25- 29 hours

All candles have CLP labels and Warning Information.
Be careful with votive or container-scented candles.
These types of candles turn into a liquid to release their aroma, which is why they are placed in the state for a cup or metal.
Keep children and pets away.
We must ban access to children and pets.
Keep the candles apart.
Leave at least four inches (10 cm) between two hot candles.
Do not move them when burning.
Extinguish candles before moving them.
Also, do not allow anything to fall into the top wax like match Do not let them burn.
Extinguish candles before enlarging the room.
Never sleep with all the hotter candles.
And never leave a hot candle or burner in a child's bedroom. Check even more once that with outside.
Extinguished candles can continue to smolder and ignite a fire.
Make sure they are completely out.
Do not worry if the wax is deformed.
You can choose, you can choose the natural and responsive atmospheric temperature just like you.
This will not affect the quality and aroma of the candles.

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