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Soy Candle Wax In Memory Of Princess Diana

Soy Candle Wax In Memory Of Princess Diana

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Vegan wax candle, in memory of Princess Diana. This candle is specially made with a lot of love for the 60th anniversary of the People's Princess Diana. Organic soy candle, flavored with the scent of the princess's favorite flowers forget-me-nots. Made from organic, vegan, GMO-free soy wax, which gives you a clean burn for 58 hours. Soy wax light is natural, has a longer burn, and is safe for the environment compared to paraffin wax. That is why I claim that my product is consistent with care for durability and way of green life.
This candle is suitable for any lover of scented candles, can be a perfect housewarming gift for any occasion, even just like that, for any of our friends, relatives. It is a complementary decor at home or office.
Hand-poured into a frosted white glass jar, and a bamboo cap 8.5oz. It can be a wonderful gift for anyone. Candle available to you packaging in white candle box.

Princess Diana, you will never be forgotten, we will always carry you in our hearts.
Bright memory forever! I adore you!
Handmade in London

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